The Company

People Performance is a people and organisation development company. 

We develop customised learning and development solutions for our clients that is practical, cost effective and measurable results.

Our programmes are context based. Participants will be able to apply their learning back to their workplace immediately.

In Malaysia, we are HRDF registered.




Who We Are

Founded in 2012, People Performance was born out of the passion to get organisation to tap into their people’s potential by leveraging better understanding of people and their motivation.

With the vision of ‘empowering communities to make positive changes’, we strive to ‘equip our clients to fish and not merely providing them the fish’.




Our logo

‘People’ is spelt in different fonts to symbolize the uniqueness of every individual.

The interlocking Ps signify the interdependent relationship between people and organisation’s processes in bringing about performance



Our Beliefs

People and organisation are two part of an interdependent ecosystem. For organisation to reap the benefit of their people, organisation needs to understand them first. We are convinced that organisation that taps into the human potential through meaningful work will thrive and be highly profitable.

We are convinced everyone can achieve their fullest potential with the right mental model and support.



Our Values

Result Oriented
We begin everything with the end in mind.

There is always a solution. Innovation is key.

We go out of our way to support each other.

We demonstrate passion and conviction in all we do.




Our Mission

Driving Business Results Through Innovative Learning Solution

Let us help you grow your business. Let us make learning work for you.

Our mission drives us to provide you with business centric solution that is innovative, cutting-edge and holistic to achieve your business results.

We continuously upgrade our skill and capability to be relevant to your ever-evolving business needs.