TEAM development

our Case study: a german telecommunication company

The client needed to improve the working relationship among their global operation team as it was affecting the team performance.

We designed and delivered a 2-day programme that bridged the differences among team members by understanding their behavioural style and identify strategies to adapt to each other. The team also created a ‘team agreement’ that facilitated their future meeting so it is more objective and action oriented.

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our Case study: singapore’s first integrated resort

The senior leadership team wanted a session for the pre-opening team to de-stress, reflect and improve their working relationship.

We designed and conducted a 2-day team programme where the team reflected on their experiences together over the last 4 years, improve their working relationship using a behavioural profiling tool and conquered a 20 meter tower as a team.

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We offer the following team services:

1) Team Play

The focus is on building meaningful relationship through shared experiences. The activities here are experiential where learners work with each other and the process of doing things together forges the experience. It can be done indoor and outdoor.


2) Team Learn

The focus is on equipping learners with the right knowledge and skills to work with each other and productivity tools to empower the team.


3) Team Strategise

The focus is on helping the team to plan, organise and re-oriented the team to ensure they are on the right goal, address any resistance and gain commitment from everyone.


4) Team Development Programme

The focus in on team’s behaviour and daily routine. It combine elements from team play, team learn and team strategies into a single programme.



“The team programme organized by Isaac was structured in a way it requires contribution from every team member.  It created room for my staff to understand the relevance of the specific topic and work as a TEAM. It gave them the opportunity to reflect actual scenario back at work. But…. the most important was the FUN made us remember everything!!!”

Head of GBOP, T-Systems (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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In a fast changing business environment, teams are required to be agile and self-directed. From our experiences working across different type of teams, there are 6 capabilities teams need to have in order to succeed in todays’ business landscape. 

RESULT – Team member’s ability to be focused on the team’s goal.

SENSING – Team member’s awareness towards change that may affect their team goal.

ALIGNMENT – Team members are aligned to each other and know how they affect each other.

CONFLICT – Team members are able to share different perspective and disagree while maintaining objectivity.

RESPONSIBILITY – Team members are able to account for their action and decisions made.

TRUST – Team members are capable of being vulnerable with each other.




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