Why is working in team important

Today’s business environment require organisation to be agile and make changes quickly. Team
based work structure is one of the approach to achieve this agility.


How we can help you

Working in team goes beyond teambuilding. There are 2 aspects to consider; interpersonal skill
and team skill.

Interpersonal skills addresses matters related to how team member work and respect each
other. This focuses on people skills.

Team skills address matter to how the team work together towards a clearly defined goals. This
focuses on technical skills.


Our team solution (Click here for our presentation)

Developing a high performing team requires developing the emotional and cognitive
development of each team member. We have created 3 categories of team solution to meet this

A) Team Play

Humans by nature are relational and has the need to build connections.

Team Play focuses on building meaningful relationship through shared experiences. The
activities here are experiential where participants work with each other and the process of doing
things together forges the experience. It can be done indoor and outdoor. It is typically a full day
or overnight programme.

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B) Team Learn

Team Learn focuses on equipping members towards being high performing team.

This solution will equip members with skills, knowledge and technique based to our high
performance team model. These are typically 1-3 days of workshop with the possibility of
participants engaging in an action learning project.


C) Team Strategise

In a fast paced work environment, quick decision making are required on a daily basis to meet
the immediate business needs. Over time, quick decision making leads to conflict and confusion
because often the decisions may contradict each other and may hinder the long term strategy.

Team Strategise is the solution for teams to re-examine, discuss and realign their strategy
towards their long term goals.

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Our high performing team model

While we are very practice oriented, we recognise the importance of having a model to help
make sense of the different aspect of working in teams and make it easy for teams to use. This is
based on our understanding of brain-based learning.

Our propriety model is a synthesis of the work of Patrick Lencioni, Prof. Deborah Ancona and our
experience with many teams we have worked with over the years.