OD Consulting

What is OD Consulting?

These are Organisation Development consulting projects to address organisation-level learning and development needs. We will weave the various learning interventions to ensure your desired business outcome is achieved. These solutions typically take 6 – 18 months for complete implementation and incorporate a change management process to engage the relevant stakeholders.

There are 5 solutions we provide:



Core Values In Action (CVA)

The CVA Objective
To produce a set of core values aligned to your organisation’s identity. The core values come with a set of mental model and behavioural skill set aligned to your core values. This makes it easier for your employees to practice.Duration
A typical programme takes 9-12 months for complete implementation.

The CVA Model

The CVA Programme Phases


Customer-focused Process Re-engineering (CPR)

The CPR Objective
To increase the effectiveness of your current process to meet your customer’s expectation and demand.Your employees will be equipped with the right skills to execute the new set of processes.Duration
A typical programme takes 2-4 months for complete implementation.

The CPR Programme Phases


Competency Development & Assessment (CDA)

The CDA Objective
To develop a skills competency matrix specific to your organisation’s needs. Based on this matrix, your employees can be assessed and a specific individual development plan can be created for your employees to achieve your organisation’s business goals.Duration
A typical programme takes 1-3 months for complete implementation.

The CDA Programme Phases


Learning & Development Programme  (LDP)

The LDP Objective
To develop your employees in a structured approach  and ensure they practice the new skills back in the workplace. This is done by combining various learning interventions such as learning workshops, reading assignments and project work.Duration
A typical programme takes  3-9 months for complete implementation.

The LDP Programme Phases



Customer Experience Transformation (CET)

The CET Objective
To transform your organisation to be more customer-centric. This is done by aligning your organisation’s structure and processes towards your customers and embedding a customer-oriented culture in your employees.Duration
A typical programme takes 6-9 months for complete implementation.

The CET Programme Phases