Learning Workshop

What is Learning Workshop?

This is typically a 1 to 3-day classroom workshop.

4 areas we specialize in are:

  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Customer experience
  • Personal effectiveness
Our workshops are contextualised to your organisation’s needs.
Based on your needs, we are able to customise the workshop duration to fit into your overall learning plan.


Some of our current workshop titles are:

1) Leadership

  • Leadership fundamentals
  • Develop your leadership signature
  • Leading different personalities
  • Problem solving and decision making for leaders
  • Lead and manage organisation change
  • Coaching and mentoring skills for leaders
  • The art of giving effective feedback
  • Effective delegation skills for leaders
  • Engaging employees through career conversation
  • Motivating for results
  • Conducting successful performance appraisal
  • Managing conflict professionally

2) Team

  • Working in teams
  • Developing high performing team

3) Customer experience

  • Basic customer service for service ambassador
  • Creating the WOW experience
  • Managing challenging customers

4) Personal effectiveness

  • Taking charge of my career
  • Managing priorities at work
  • Personal branding for success


Contact us at enquiry@ppl-performance.com to see how we can support your learning needs.