Why is leadership important

Leadership sets the direction and practices that brings success to the organisation. 

They do this by role modelling it through their behaviours and the values they project.

Organisations with good leadership practices has an increase revenue growth by 1.5% and
customer satisfaction by 4%.


How different is leadership today than in the past?

Leaders today are expected to be more agile, more inclusive, communicate more effectively
and deliver results faster.

Leaders need to be willing to champion innovative ideas and constantly examine the
effectiveness of their approach.


How we can help you

One of the biggest flawed assumption organisations make that leads to ineffective leadership
practices is assuming individuals moving into a leadership role will naturally learn what
leadership is. This is flawed because fundamentally the skill set of an individual contributor and
a leader is different. An individual contributor’s success is in being technically competent. A
leader’s success is in developing people with the purpose of achieving organisation’s success.
Moving from a technical role to people role is not a natural progression.


Our leadership solution

Recognising the major transition needed and appreciating the challenges our clients face, we
provide short term and long term solution aligned to their needs.

A) Short term solution

This are 1-3 day learning workshops where leaders learn leadership practices in a safe, fun and
engaging environment using experiential learning. From our experience, this solution achieves
up to level 2 of Kirk Patrick’s evaluation model.

Click here to hear what our client has to say about our workshop.

Our workshops can be contextualized to your organisation’s needs.


B) Long term solution

This are developmental programme with a strong emphasis on building sustainable
behavioural change in your leaders. It usually runs from 3 – 12 months depending on your

In this programme, apart from learning workshops, your leaders will be mentored, their
effectiveness will be measured and we work closely with the leadership team to ensure
leadership success.

This programme is highly tailored to your needs where a gap and needs understanding will be
conducted in the first phase of the programme. From our experience our development
programme can achieve up to level 4 of the Kirk Patrick’s evaluation model.

Click here to understand how our leadership development programme framework looks like
(Our UET process)


Our leadership model

While we are very practice oriented, we recognise the importance of having a
leadership model to embody the various capabilities and skills needed for a leader in a
way that makes it easy for leaders to navigate in the ‘leadership jungle’. This is based on
our understanding of brain-based learning.

We have adopted The Distributed Leadership Model created by Prof. Deborah Ancona,
the director of at MIT Leadership Center and her colleagues. The team views leadership
as a set of four capabilities.

The leadership signature focuses on the leader’s unique way of executing their role.

This model helps leaders to be more agile, collaborative and effective in delivering