Development Tools

What are development tools?

Development tools help to quantify the desired outcome or characteristic by providing meaningful results.  The results will help the organisation and personnel to create specific development plan and allow for them to track their progress. This ensures financial resources are utilized correctly. 

Type of tools

People development – Developing people involves getting them to recognise their strength and personality. With this information, they will be able to create adaptive strategy at work to improve their productivity.

Organisation development – Developing organisation involves identifying and quantifying their practices to enable leaders to craft strategy to grow the organisation.


Category & Tools

1) People Development Tool

  • Motivational Maps
  • DiSC
  • Emergenetics
  • MBTI

2) Organisation Development Tool

  • Employee engagement survey
  • Organisational Culture Assessment
  • Instrument (OCAI)
  • Promoter.IO
  • Leadership360