Why is culture important?

Companies with a healthy culture outperform average
companies by more than 12%, higher employee
engagement and lower cultural entropy™.

Culture is simply defined as ‘the way things are done
around here’. While this may sound simple because it
seems to refer to the behaviour, the behaviour is merely
the surface of the iceberg.

Behaviours become culture when it is practiced regularly.
This means it has to be practiced by the employees of the
organisation on a regular basis.


How we can help you

Every company already has a culture, knowingly or unknowingly. We promote the idea of
developing an organisation culture by being deliberate and conscious about it. This means
identifying the desired culture and making it a practice in every area of the organisation.

We have the tools and experience to make this happen for you in a participative way so majority
of your employees will be committed to your desired culture.


Our culture solution (click here for our brochure)

We have modularized our services to ensure flexibility while maintaining effectiveness. Here are
3 culture services for your consideration:


This service sees us using Barrett’s Culture Transformation Tool (CTT), we can help you assess
your current culture. This is an online tool that would allow us to engage everyone in your
organisation. At the end of this process, you will receive a report on your current culture and
insights into how to create your desired culture.



This service sees us using the CTT to identify your current culture and work closely with your
leadership team to create a strategy to develop your desired culture over a planning retreat.



This service sees us assessing, constructing and implementing the relevant culture building
activities to create your desired culture.


What is Barrett’s Culture Transformation Tool?

It is a set of tools to help organisations measure and manage their culture.

Barrett Values Centre is a one of the foremost culture transformation companies in the
world. Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) have been used globally by Fortune
500s, governments, schools, communities and NGOs.

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