We specialise in learning and development Interventions that increases learning effectiveness and create sustainable behavioural change at work


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Domain: Leadership

Leaders are life long learners. They develop over time by learning, unlearning and relearning skills to be relevant to the time.

We are the specialist in developing the right attitude and behaviour, providing the most relevant knowledge and hone practical leadership skills.

Domain: Team

Working in teams goes beyond just the relational factor. There are skills, knowledge and technique that will help team members and team leaders to grow and develop their team in a planned manner. 

We are the specialist in developing the right attitude and behaviour for individuals who wants to improve their ability to work in a team and provide the relevant tools and skills to achieve a high performing team.

Domain: Interpersonal

As processes become automated, the most critical skills employees need to master is the ability to work with each other. Mastering interpersonal skills means understanding how people work and use this knowledge to create a positive work environment.

We are the specialist in developing human centric learners by providing them with the knowledge and skills relevant to their culture.




HR Manager,

 Energizer Singapore



A friendly facilitator

“Isaac was like a friend – he facilitated the two-day sessions in a very friendly and relaxed manner. My learning and take away from his session was very good largely due to his creative manner of facilitation – it was fun and not boring at all. Overall, Isaac has a likeable personality.

Senior Manager, 

EcoWorld Development Group Berhad 


Effective leadership facilitator

“Clear and precise explanation, straight to the point. Learning with fun activities. High level of participation from everyone”

HR Director, 

EVYAP Sabun Malaysia Sdn Bhd 


Building strong leaders

“What I appreciate most about him is his sincerity in supporting our development initiative, his insights and recommendation into issues brought up by our leaders and his commitment to making the programme work.

I would recommend Isaac to any organization who wants to build a strong leadership culture and effective development programme.”